Julie Julsen Story

The story of Julie Julsen started with a dream ...

Our roots go deep back to love for natural symbols and their beauty.

So it is our philosophy not only to design jewelry, but to combine people with their jewelry and to create personal companions for their whole life.

We want your Julie July jewelry to remind you of the most formative, emotional and most beautiful moments of your life and donate strength and confidence in every layer.
Our jewelry with importance is included as a sparkling companion, which gives you a strong self -confidence and unique body feeling.

Combined with the fascination of high -quality materials, our jewelry is symbols for beauty and underline your individuality every day.

With many different collections and over 500 products, we look back on a long way in the jewelry business.

As a Austrian brand based in Klagenfurt, Carinthia, we are driven by the love of jewelry.

Our jewelry makes it possible to make details visible, to recognize the smallest subtleties, to cause emotions and to let words speak for themselves.